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Conditions of use:

This website is owned by Trivamarca GmbH and is editorially overseen by them. Trivamarca maintains this website exclusively for the purposes of information, personal entertainment, education and information, and as a forum for communication. The information and views disseminated on this website can be changed at any time and without prior warning. We therefore ask that on your next visit to this website you once more review and take note of any changes/supplements.

This website is not intended for people or entities who are not authorized to access it according to the legal system that they are subject to.

Trivamarca has endeavoured to create this website with the necessary diligence and to the best of their knowledge. Furthermore, we endeavour to ensure that the information on the website continues to be applicable and is up to date – the website is therefore reviewed and updated by our employees on a regular basis. However we cannot make any guarantees that the information conveyed is complete and free from errors, or up to date and valid at the respective point of time, and accordingly make no assurances and assume no warranties or responsibilities concerning the correctness of the information provided. We also reserve the right to supplement the website at any point, to change information, to delete it or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

Trivamarca GmbH refuses any liability for loss or damage of any kind – be it direct, indirect or consequential damage – which may result from the use of or access to this website or from its links to webpages of third parties. In addition Trivamarca assumes no liability for manipulations by unauthorised persons of the IT system of the Internet user. With regard to this we refer in particular to the danger of viruses and the possibility of targeted hacking. To guard against virus attacks we advise you to always use the most current browser version as well as install continually updating anti-virus software. As a general rule, e-mails from unknown sources and unexpected attachments to e-mails should never be opened. We therefore also assume no warranty, responsibility or liability for emails, with or without attachments, which are directly or indirectly related to this website, refer to it or contain or list statements about this website or mention in the sender the names Trivamarca or trivarga, and which might at the receiver’s end install viruses, hack IT systems, transmit, steal or change data, install programs or bots, or otherwise influence, in an undesired way, whether damaging or not, the receiver, their systems, emails, programs or databases etc. Included in this is a complete exclusion of all liability and warranty claims against Trivamarca for damages or consequences from such emails, including direct, indirect or consequential damages.

Links to third party websites are offered on this website as a courtesy. Trivamarca does not review any websites which are referred to on the website of Trivamarca GmbH and does not express any opinion about the content of third party websites, and expressly disclaims any liability for all third party information and the use of it, including an assessment of legality of the content of the pages linked herein after the time of the link creation. Trivamarca with explicitly dissociates itself from the content of all pages on linked websites. If you reference the website of Trivamarca GmbH with a link, on websites outside the website or other websites then this is done at your own risk and without permission of Trivamarca GmbH.

All news, data or content of any type which you send via email or in another form to the website of Trivamarca GmbH, including their content such as, for example, questions, comments and similar, will be treated as non-confidential and not as intellectual property. All material that is sent to our website becomes the property of Trivamarca GmbH on submission, and can be freely used by us, including but not limited to its duplication, publication, transmission, disclosure, reproduction and provision. This means that Trivamarca is freely permitted to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or methods that are a component of the information that you transmit to our website, including but not limited to the development, the manufacture and the distribution of products through usage of this information. With your usage of the website you might share certain information about yourself and your usage of the website with Trivamarca GmbH; in consideration of all relevant legal requirements for data protection as well as your potential claims for intellectual or commercial copyrights, Trivamarca may in such a case analyse the information, and is free to use it for appropriate purposes, including, but not limited to, the creation of private websites or for marketing purposes. All these provisions also apply in the same sense for any data or information, images and text which you state on or send to this website or on linked Facebook pages which are editorially maintained by Trivamarca or a subsidiary company of Trivarga AG.

We would also like to emphasize that all data is transmitted via a public domain that is accessible to anyone. On the Internet, data are transmitted without regulation and across borders, even if the sender and recipient are in the same country. Please also note that Trivamarca automatically collects IP addresses and website usage data if you visit our website. In an aggregate form, this information helps us to find out how visitors use the website, how frequently they visit individual pages and how long they spend there. By means of your web browser we also transmit cookies to the hard drive of your computer (insofar as cookies are accepted) in order to be able to offer you a better service. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers which make it possible for our systems to recognise your browser. This information is collected separately and is not linked to your personal data.

Please note that Trivamarca GmbH always retains the right to change the general terms and conditions for the website at any time by updating this page. You are bound by these changes and should therefore return to this page regularly in order to remain informed of the most current website conditions.

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